• Nicholas Mazza

Who Really Runs the Democrat Party?

As a Democrat Speaker of the House during a Republican Presidency, Nancy Pelosi, is considered the leader of her party. It is her that has the power to brings bills for a vote, monitor house debates and appoint committee and sub committee chairs. Generally, the speaker negotiates with the President to compromise and solve major issues facing the nation. However, politicians are funded by others with their own interest in mind. Therefore these special interest groups, as they are often called, are the main controllers of politicians. One of the major reasons that made President Trump such an attractive candidate was he was not beholden to special interest groups. Instead, he ran with only one group to serve, the People. Since we have an outsider and a non politician, who never received money from lobbyists or special interests, leading the Republicans the Democrats have to answer to many of their donors. Even though Republican politicians also are funded by lobbyists, the Democrats donors have a different agenda in mind that is antithesis of the American dream.

In November 2017 Nancy Pelosi and major Democrat donor, George Soros, headed a progressive conference called “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our progressive future”

Despite Pelosi being the main figure in this conference the private four day event was organized by The Democracy Alliance, which is a network of liberal donors including the most infamous George Soros. The reason he is the most known is because of his disturbing background as a Nazi sympathizer and the amount of money he has funneled to the Democrat party through progressive political action committees and non-government organizations or NGO’s. A Nazi sympathizer is the real leader of the Democrat party? Yes.

Not much of a surprise given the Democrat’s history of anti-semitism and minimization of the Holocaust. In fact, he admitted that he did not regret helping the Nazi’s confiscate land from the Jewish people of Israel. According to ZOA, “It is a well-documented fact that Soros undercuts Israel at every turn by funding organizations that demonize, defame, and propagandize against Israel, promote anti-Israel boycotts and anti-Israel UN actions, and engage in lawfare (legal warfare) against Jews and the Jewish state.”some anti-Israel organizations that he has funded include JStreet, Media matters, Center for American Progress, the Institute for Middle East understanding and National Iranian American Council.

The Democrat Mega donor not only tries to undermine Israel’s sovereignty but also America’s. As is the goal of the whole Democrat Party, George Soros dream is to form a one world government. In order to do that, America needs to surrender her identity as a free and proud country. He and other liberal donors want the American Dream to become a globalist nightmare. A united country is a threat to them so they use their power and influence to seed doubt in the mind of American’s. The division and hate that we see today is simply funded and organized by George Soros and his political action committees. It is broadcasted in the media, with the goal to anger people and encourage rebellion against core American principles such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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