• Nicholas Mazza

US Army Veteran Defends Trump After Liberals Politicize His Service to the Country

US Army Veteran, Bobby Henline, who was badly wounded in Iraq responded to the meme of him that went viral. The meme featuring a picture of him after he suffered from severe burns, was intended to attack President Trump and not honor his service. Henline commented on the politicization of the meme.

I'm just so irritated that they put my image up there because now it looks like the president called me a loser."  Bobby Henline, a four-tour Iraq War veteran told Fox News referring to comments allegedly made by the president regarding wounded veterans. "And they're using that to sell something that they believe in for their agenda. It's not fair to put us [veterans] as props in the middle of all that,”

This comes after the already debunked story from The Atlantic in which anonymous "sources" claimed President Trump had made disparaging remarks about fallen U.S. soldiers and veterans. .

Having never commented on the Atlantic story or Trump’s supposed remarks about veterans, Henline was outraged that he was being used as a “prop” to aid the Democratic Party in tearing down Donald Trump to help their candidate, Joe Biden, get elected.

“Go on what you have with facts," Henline said. "If you don't have the power to win on your own merits, that you have to tear down your opponent, there is a problem there.”

“I really believe the president didn't say this," Henline said. "There’s been anonymous sources and other sources in the room that aren’t necessarily friends with the president or believe in his ways, but they're still not gonna slam him and make up this rumor and keep it spreading. And so with that said, I don't think he really said this."

Unfortunately, Henline believes the media's targeted attack on President Trump and his support for the Veterans are working.

“Them taking that well-recognized photo and using it for their agenda and changing veterans' minds, thinking the president talks to them like that is ridiculous," Henline said. "And I believe it worked. And that's why I want to get it taken down because it shouldn't be working. People need to hear the truth. That's my image. And it should not be up there speaking for me,"

Henline is trying to get those who posted these anti-Trump memes using his photos to take them down. Even though he has been successful in getting some taken down, more have continued to pop up.

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