• Joseph Mazza

Unconstitutional Day 2020: The Further Erosion of our Liberties

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

On this Constitution day 2020, we are on the brink of Marxist, Socialist ruling that will eliminate the last remnants of American civil liberties. But even now, those civil liberties seem more like an illusion. Over the past three decades, the Liberal left alongside their public relations wing, the mainstream media, have slowly decayed the Constitution. They want to abolish the document to create their own set of rules. This year, because of the Coronavirus, politicians have pushed the most unconstitutional overreaches in recent history. The Attorney General, Bill Barr echoed this statement when he said this:

"You know, putting a national lockdown, stay-at-home orders, is like house arrest. Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history," the attorney general said.

Liberals attacked this sentiment, accusing the Attorney General of comparing it to slavery, which is not what he did. He simply said this current situation was a massive intrusion of our liberties. He pointed out that slavery was a "different kind of restraint" He never said both are the same. But both were and are Unconstitutional.

The pandemic was used for politicians to push their agenda of power and control by not allowing peaceful assembly. Of course violent assemblies were allowed, which further proves that politicians main concern is what they think helps them politically.

This is not the first time politicians used current events to intrude on our liberties. After 9/11, the Patriot act followed. Perhaps the most intrusive government law passed on the American people. It allowed for unlawful search and seizure, detaining citizen's with little probable cause, high tech scanning systems that strips away privacy and detaining by the TSA. The TSA was equipped with massive unconstitutional authorities that intruded the rights of we the people. The government has in the past made it a habit to use an event to push the goal post to slowly reduce our freedom and promote their globalist agenda.

An example is on a trip to Europe in 2016, I was randomly chosen out of a security line for a bomb residue test for which there was no probable cause. I was taken into a detention room and treated as if i was already a criminal based on a test that proved to be a false positive.The black they found on my hand was not "bomb residue." As a tan-skinned Italian-American, I was simply chosen due to appearances alone.

The First Amendment is being violated everyday through social media censorship. There seems to be room for only one political opinion nowadays's. Everything else is deemed as "hate speech" or another very vague explanation that results in suspension. Even the President of the United States has become a target by the liberal tech tyrants. Our liberties are being dictated by corporate culture and foreign entities, of which interest is not of us but rather a centralized power cabal. The cabal does not believe in personal liberties and constitutional rights of the individual. Rather, their interest is to enrich power to themselves and dictate what words we can say, what we can believe, where we can go, what we can have, and what type of lives we can live. Even the right to defend ourselves is constantly under attack by the same people.

The Second Amendment has been effected by unconstitutional power grabbing attempts by politicians.One example is the mental health crisis that is grossly underreported by the mainstream media. Since the closure of mental health institution's, there has been a clear rise in cases of mentally ill people in the general public. The government and their media counterpart use the violence in these mental ill people as a predicate to take away the right to bear arms from law abiding citizens.The government should improve the health of those suffering from these mental illness instead of attacking the American people who cherish their Second Amendment right. Is it the gun that kills people or it is people that kill? Why are the most violent communities have the most gun laws?

Let this Constitutional day remind us all, the American people, that rights and freedom are not free. Those rights and freedoms are being slowly picked away by the powerful elite in Washington because they think they can run our lives better than we can. As Ronald Reagan once said "The nine most dangerous words are: I am from the government and I am here to help." We should all be weary of their intrusive agenda and revisit the Constitutional in its original form. We must follow the words of our founding fathers and remember that they placed the power with US not them.

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