• Nicholas Mazza

Trumps Foreign Policy Accomplishments Prove He's a Once in a Lifetime President

President Trump Signs Abraham Accords with Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Prior to the Pandemic President Trump built the greatest economy in American history. Record unemployment, tax cuts, rising wages, increases in manufacturing and stock market record highs proved what Trump said before he was elected that he would be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

Now as the economy begins to recover, even with California and New York mainly shutdown, and reports that Q3 will be historic, Trump has described it as “The Great American Comeback.” The Q3 report will come just five days before the election, which could possibly push Trump over the edge against Socialist, job killing Joe Biden.

Many were confident that his business background would be a positive for a much needed economic recovery after Obama’s presidency. His economic proposals were a recipe for success and conservatives loved them. However his foreign policy was mystery to many prognosticators. Having no experience in foreign affairs, President Trump used his business negotiating skills to land historic agreements. The peace deals with Israel and other Muslim majority countries are great examples that he is truly the Great Negotiator. His first international trip was to Saudi Arabia where he was well received as opposed to Obama in 2009. Obama‘s weak “limp-wristed" foreign policy was easily exploited. Obama showed his unpatriotic leadership when he went on his 'apology tour' across the world. Trump understands the importance of showing strength and national pride to powerful international leaders.

In that Saudi Arabia trip a $110 billion arms deal was signed. Even more significantly, after his trip, corrupt Saudi officials who had business interests in America were rounded up and executed. Those same officials were heavily involved in American politics. Saudi Arabia has become more free, especially for women, and friendlier to the United States since Muhammed Bin Salman assumed more a leadership role in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has worked closely with the Trump administrations foreign policy team. It is very likely that Saudi Arabia will soon recognize Israel in another peace agreement negotiated by Trump and his adviser Jared Kushner.

How is Trumps Foreign Policy different than Bush and Obama?

President Trumps foreign policy approach is radically different than both former Presidents Bush and Obama. Bush was the prototypical Neo-con, who loved to nation build. His interventionist style proved to be disastrous.. The results of the Iraq-war have been death and lost of liberties, courtesy of the "Patriot act" and trillions of dollars wasted.

President Obama's approach was so embarrassingly bad that it made many question his loyalty to the United States. The Iran Nuclear Deal that sent billions of dollars to our enemy was more than just questionable. The pallets of cash that was flown overnight into Iran was the most anti-American deals ever. The President has revealed in recent interviews how that action made him realize the immense powers of the Presidency.

Supporting Iran, which is the common enemy of many Middle Eastern countries, further destabilized the region. Due to his bad decisions, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) was formed under the Obama Administration and threatened the whole region. President Trump took a strong stance against Iran, killing their terrorist military leader, Qasem Soleimani, who killed hundreds of Americans.

Obama has a long list of foreign policy failures that are unrivaled by any other President. Some more include: unsanctioned drone strikes that blew up civilian sites, killing Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, the Benghazi attack on our embassy, declared a"line in the sand" regarding Syria's use of Chemical Weapons, in which he would cower away from taking any action and giving away 20% of our Uranium production to Russia.

Those 16 years of foreign policy disaster is a lot to make up for but President Trump has made unprecedented strides to retrieve the ultimate prize, peace. In the Middle East, his successes are numerous that even some of the top military generals are worried about their defense contracts. His ability to show strength and negotiate peace is unsettling to those that would rather continue the endless wars and make billions off of them. After building up the strongest military in the world, it is now unlikely that an enemy country will try top start a war.

One of the main strategic successes of the Trump Presidency is the decentralized approach from the Pentagon. Before him, every military decision was made by Washington for approval. The strategic change from decisions approved in Washington to decisions made by the military personal on the ground, in realtime allowed for swifter decision making and less interruption in delay.

Trump established strength and used this as leverage to work towards peace and prosperity instead of war and poverty. His approach on North Korea is the greatest example of this strategy. With the best economy in the world and the strongest military, it is no longer advisable to threaten the United States. Therefore, North Korea began to embrace peace with the United States. If Trump is re-elected, his economic prosperity pitch to North Korea will lead to denuclearization. Obviously the whole world is watching and waiting to see who wins the election.

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