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Trumps Americanism Agenda and the 'Taking it Back' Revolution

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Americanism was once an appreciated ideology. Post World War 2, the idea of living in the most free and prosperous country was coveted and celebrated. We all stood for the national anthem, respected the flag and came together despite differing political beliefs. We prayed to God, cherished our communities and family values. We paved the way for legal immigration that made our country admired and respected.

So what happened?

The shifting away from Americanism and embracing Globalism has taken us down a dark and dangerous path. From our economic decline to a dark cultural sect that manipulates kids from a young age to idolize celebrities. Political leaders that profit off hard working Americans and a media that deceives the public. An over-taxed, over-regulated economy that lead to the shipping of companies and job oversees. An immigration system that made the once most sought after citizenship in the world to a system of illegal immigration that has flooded our economy while stealing jobs from Americans. Illegal immigrants who are put into inner cities where many African-Americans live, thereby stealing away work from them. The free, prosperous and culturally virtuous nation needs to be reclaimed.

The eroding of America and its greatness has slowly increased over the past fifty years. After the murder of President John F. Kennedy, America has lost her exceptionalism. From "Ask not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" to a former first lady saying "All this for a damn flag" In the sports world, we had Ted Williams who gave up playing baseball to defend his country to LeBron James who trashes America and praises a Communist regime in China.

Our history is being torn apart and disrespected. When you have a chance, visit the American history Smithsonian in Washington D.C. This may be the best place you can go if you want to immerse yourself in greatness. From the most admired displays of bravery known to mankind to the best technological advancements that are now used around the world. We are on the brink of losing everything.

The 'taking it back' revolution may take years to fulfill, but this upcoming election is the most important in American history. We were at a crossroads in 2016 and we went in the right direction, but now we face a different enemy. The rise of radical socialism could be the end of Americanism for good. What we are witnessing now is the full on assault by a corrupt and power grabbing elitist class. Just take a look at the media's desperate push of fake news before an election. They need President Trump to lose. Their corrupt way of life depends on it.

Make no mistake, Trump was the only candidate back in 2016 that would put America first. He is the only President that is fighting the deep state inside our government. A strong conviction that is based on patriotism and love for country. This same conviction goes against those that love the endless wars. His desire to bring our troops home to their families and work towards peace has shaken to the core,"The Military Industrial Complex." He held NATO accountable for taking advantage of America, which lead to the resignation of Globalist Generals like James Mattis. President Trump's foreign policy derives from Reagans "Peace through strength" but for Trump"Peace through strength" excludes unnecessary wars.

President Trumps foreign policy differs from Democrats and Republicans. His decentralized approach is what brokered peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, as well as other peace deals. He was the first President to cross the DMZ in North Korea. He pitched prosperity to North Korea by emphasizing their natural beauty and resources. This allowed them to embrace the idea of becoming Sovereign and Prosperous.

Sovereignty is one of the two most important terms that defines President Trumps America. The other is Prosperity. A thriving nation realizes that the structure of its success is based on both its love of country and economic freedom. If we live in a country that is neither Sovereign nor Prosperous, it can never be great.

Unfortunately, we are facing a rise of Socialism in America. The Democrat candidate, Joe Biden. has embraced an anti-American agenda. He does not believe in Sovereignty, and in fact is defending those that hate America. The riots he defines as "Peaceful Protests", is threatening our Sovereignty and freedom. These terrorist groups are hell-bent on destroying our history, burning down small business and assaulting people in the streets. The riots that are influenced and funded by foreign entities, like George Soros, is sole purpose is to completely end Americanism.

Joe Biden's economic plan will ship jobs oversees, increase taxes and regulations, that were cut significantly under President Trump, and close down businesses. The stock market will go back down, negating the records highs over the past three years. The push for a ridiculously stupid "Green New Deal" will completely end our economy leading to a great depression. Not only will our economy be severely impact but our way of life will be gone forever.

The land of the free and home of the brave can only survive when we chose Capitalism over Socialism and Americanism over Globalism. To Make America Great Again the only path is with President Trump.

Video by Brenden Dilley from 'The Dilley Show'

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