• Nicholas Mazza

Trump Shows True Leadership in Coronavirus Response as he Fights for America

President Trump is fighting for America against a global pandemic and evil powers around the world

The media and the Democrats would have you believe that President Trump has failed in his dealing with the China Virus. Not surprisingly, since they will attack him in every problem we face in our country. In fact, one of their plans is to criticize his handling of any issue and then pin the blame on him. Even though the virus started in China and spread across the world, with the Chinese Communist Party not alerting the world, they are immune from criticism. Of course, we know that the Democrats are closely tied with China. The situation of the world pandemic is further proof of the anti-Americanism in the Democrat party.

On the contrary, President Trump has handled the China virus extraordinarily well. Once he was attacked from the very start we knew the fix was in. He stopped travel from China and was called a racist by referring to the virus as the “China virus”. Important to mention that the media was also calling the virus the “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus” but they ignore that fact and continued to lament the racist label on the President.

At the same time, they also accused him of not taking the virus seriously. To further continue pointing out their hypocrisy, Nancy Pelosi was the one downplaying the coming pandemic as she danced and celebrated the Chinese New Year in February.

As the virus started to spread across the country, the President enlisted the help of some of America’s biggest companies to build tests. The “all of America” approach included the help of CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and other major companies. These tests were build from the ground up due to faulty tests by the Center for Disease Control(CDC)

The failings of the CDC made the White House and its “task force” extra difficult to handle the China virus. The United States has now become the leading country in COVID-19 testing with over 50 million people tested.

As countries followed the United States in banning travel from China, the World Health Organization praises China for its handling of their virus. This came as no surprise given that they are funded and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)

The World Health Organization, who are no fans of our President due to his criticism of it, credited Trump’s response to the virus. The WHO director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said President Trump is doing a “great job” when he leveraged public and private sector resources to fight the China virus.

Trump is handling of the Virus becomes more impressive when you think of who is after him. It starts, as it always does, with the Democrats and their media buddies. After they accused him of not taking it seriously backfired, they tried to play the race card, which is a given when Democrats attack anyone who disagrees with them. The media ran numerous stories and articles that lamented him a racist bigot for banning travel to China, a decision that saved American lives. The term “China virus” is simply because it is a virus that started in China and spread to almost every country.

When blaming him for lack of testing didn’t work they moved on to “ ventilators” and “ respirators” The New York Times ran a story with a deceptively edited quote to make it seem like he told governors to get their own ventilators. This was false as he really meant that it was faster if Governors provided the ventilators themselves, but would be happy to help assist if needed.

However, even with all their lies, the Democrats relentless attacks have worked in part in dipping his approval numbers. This was of course one of their goals.

Any President who has a pandemic or at least any deadly worldwide disease to deal with will always face a tough time. After all, they are not experts in viruses and must rely on the “experts” to guide their decisions. This leads us to the next battle the President had to face, corrupt federal bureaucrats.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the supposedly infectious disease expert, has been a massive failure. From not knowing what to do in order to protect our selves, saying masks do not work, and then changing course to masks are necessary. The biggest flip flop is his view on the effectiveness of the anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine. He initially claimed that he would subscribe the drug to Americans with the virus, to pushing heavily against the use of the drug.

President Trump has expressed his hopefulness that they found a cure for the virus in the anti-malaria drug. As tests and doctors' experience prescribing the drug show that it is effective, the media had taken a hard stance against it.

Disturbingly the media and the Democrats do not want a cure for the virus and it is proven by their dismissal of the drug. Many Doctors have used it for their patients and have recovered. One, now famous doctor, has used it on 350 different COVID patients with it working on all of them.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades and was never considered deadly. Suddenly, according to the media, the drug will kill you. This is the most egregious lie from the media. It is also the most vicious talking point used against the President.

The President and his task force launched ‘Operation Warpspeed’ which is to find a vaccine in record time. Positive signs have shown that a vaccine can be developed soon with numerous companies going through successive phases. This can be the fastest vaccine ever developed, thanks to President Trump's commitment to curing the virus.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what is happening in the world right now. After the Russia hoax and impeachment failed a pandemic appears just months before the election. With the Chinese Communist party hoping for a Joe Biden presidency and the Democrats scared of their corruption being exposed, they need to do whatever it takes to win the election.

President Trump's fight for America against all enemies foreign and domestic continues forward. The Democrats, the media, the Chinese, globalists, and all evil hidden powers around the world are all in to defeat him. It is up to us to wake up and stand by his side on November 3rd.

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