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Trump says Coronavirus Vaccine to be Distributed Possibly Next Month

On Wednesday, President Trump held a Press conference addressing the current state of the China Virus. He specifically talked about the vaccine that is apparently coming as soon as next month. He also disputed the CDC Director’s comments about the Coronavirus vaccine and how it will not be good enough to bring things back to normal until 2021. He also took issue with the Director saying a mask is more important than a vaccine.

“We’re very close to that vaccine as you know and I think much closer than I think most people want to say,” Mr. Trump said at a White House press conference

From Washington Times:

However, the chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Congress that distributing enough doses to regain a sense of normal will take until mid-2021.

“I think there will be vaccine that initially will be available some time between November and December, but very limited supply and will have to be prioritized,” Dr. Robert Redfield, the CDC director, told members of the Senate Appropriations Committee. “If you’re asking me ‘When is it going to be generally available to the American public, so we can begin to take advantage of vaccine to get back to our regular life?’ I think we’re probably looking at late second-quarter, third quarter 2021.”

Dr. Redfield stressed that persons with the highest need would get the shots sooner than mid-2021, though Mr. Trump wasn’t happy, claiming the CDC director misspoke.

“We’re ready to go immediately,” Mr. Trump said. “When we go, we go.”

Mr. Trump said a plan isn’t needed because he released one that very morning.

“It’s all set, we have our military lined up,” Mr. Trump said.

The “strategic distribution overview” says the federal government will work with state and local partners to promote the vaccine to the public and ensure they are transported safely through their contractor, McKesson Corp.

“It’s a herculean task,” said Army Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski, who oversees logistics for the federal vaccine effort known as Operation Warp Speed.

Surrogates for the Trump campaign scolded the Biden campaign for casting doubt on the unprecedented effort to produce a vaccine for the newly discovered pathogen.

“That is very dangerous for the health of America,” said Rep. Brad Wenstrup, Ohio Republican and a physician, told reporters on a conference call.

The congressman said the vaccine is being developed safely and people should be “very excited about the progress that has been made.”

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