• Nicholas Mazza

Trump Consistently Gaining Black, Hispanic Voters the Last Two Years

Trump campaign officials predicted on Tuesday that President Trump will win at least 10% of Black voters in November and more than 40% of Hispanics. Former President Richard Nixon was the last Republican to receive a double-digit percentage point with the black community.

Campaign manager Bill Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller cited internal data and public surveys such as the Emerson College national poll, which was conducted just after the Republican National Convention.

The Emerson survey found 19% of Black voters supporting President Trump and 37% of Hispanic voters favoring him. In 2016, Trump won 8% of Black voters and 28% of Hispanic voters.

“I firmly believe that President Trump will get over 10% of the African-American votes,” Mr. Miller told reporters in a conference call. “The president’s approval rating has jumped among Black voters nine points just during the GOP convention. I also believe that President Trump will get over 40% of the Latino vote.”

Other polls have shown President Trump gaining tremendous support among both groups. Recent polling has Trump up over 30% approval among black voters. That would be a record for a Republican candidate. Rasmussen Reports seem to consistently have President Trump with at least 30% approval among black voters and over 40% with Hispanics.

President Trump has seen surging support among minorities in 2019 to 2020.

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