• Nicholas Mazza

Trump Campaign Feels Confident with Multiple Pathways to Victory

The Trump campaign advisers highlighted several pathways of victory for the 2020 election. One including a landslide by winning 37 states. Campaign manager, Bill Stepien, says their internal polling looks very promising in key states and districts. Particularly, in Arizona and Nevada where he says they are seeing a rise in numbers.

One encouraging sign is they see a potential landslide outcome. This would consist of Trump winning all the battleground states, like in 2016, but also adding Minnesota and Nevada.

Another way is called "southwest strength" which requires Trump winning Nevada and Arizona, but losing the traditionally liberal "blue wall" states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. This will give the President a 270 to 268 victory.

President Trump's largely successful first term and the far left agenda that he is up against makes it very possible that a landslide victory is in the making. As Trump continues to start making small campaign stops, that were halted due to the Coronavirus, massive boat parades have been organically forming every weekend. Trump parades of hundreds and thousands of boats across the country, even in very liberal states, have become a unique phenomenon.The enthusiasm gap between the two is not even close. Trump supporters are willing to stand in line at the polling stations for hours, if they have too. Biden doesn't carry that same excitement, which is probably one reason why they are pushing mail-in voting.

In a fair election, a landslide will come as no surprise.

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