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The Insurrection: The Globalist's 2020 Election Agenda Revealed [Video]

Before the artificially created pandemic, President Trump's popularity and approval rating were increasing. With his numerous accomplishments including creating the best economy in U.S history, the Democrat's main focus was and is to get rid of him, by any means necessary. After trying to frame him with a Russia collusion hoax, that failed in the end, and then trying to impeach him based on another hoax, they had to try something more drastic. The Globalists, or the Deep State, are doing everything they can to fight back and regain their power over the people.

In this video created by Joe M, who has made other videos exposing the truth about the Deep State, he reveals what this current pandemic is really about. He accurately describes it as "the biggest political hoax and coordinated mass media disinformation campaign in living history."

COVID-19 started in a lab in Wuhan, China. Ironically, former President Barack Obama funded this lab in 2015, by authorizing millions of dollars.

The spread of the virus was successful as it has lead to lockdowns, stay at home orders, and the closure of businesses all over the country. One of the globalists agenda was to destroy the economy months before the election. As a result, unemployment skyrocketed, the stock market nearly crashed and many small businesses shut down.

To make COVID-19 seem worse, they artificially inflated the number of deaths by merging them with the regular flu deaths. Even more cynical, five Democrat Governors moved COVID patients into nursing homes. A recent report states "Almost half of all COVID-19 deaths are linked to nursing homes";

These Governors include:






One of their other goals was to, through social distancing guidelines, force the cancelation of highly effective Trump rallies. Every rally of his was jammed packed with millions of people streaming them from home. They knew how many rallies he would do in the lead up to the election and had to shut them down.

The Democrats now are using the pandemic to push a very fraudulent way of voting using mail-in ballots. One example of mail-in ballot voter fraud was in Michigan when ballots were sent to 7.7 million people before the primary and General Election. Another example was in Philadelphia when a former judge plead guilty to stuffing ballot boxes and said he was paid by a Democrat political consultant.

Even with these evil efforts to kill people for their political agenda, cases were dropping. It was time to push another narrative. A race war was sparked with the killing of an unarmed black man named George Floyd. Ironically in the summer of 2016, before the election, riots broke out after the police killing of Alton Sterling in Louisiana on July 5th.

The George Floyd murder by an already known acquaintance sparked yet another round of civil unrest. The rioting, looting, and shootings by leftists militant groups like Black Lives Matters and Antifa have been condoned by the Democrats. They have looted stores, burned down buildings, destroyed communities, injured, and killed innocent people. Both groups, one now labeled a terrorist organization, are funded by evil globalists like George Soros and encouraged by Democrat politicians and the media.

Adam Shiff, in an attempt to handcuff the President's ability to control the riots, proposed a bill that prohibits the use of military force that would protect communities and restore law and order.

The Deep State has been caught in numerous lies and actions that were designed to thwart Trump's Presidency. COVID-19 and the riots are the latest scams before the election. After they failed to frame President Trump, they have been on the defensive. Now, by any means necessary, they are launching a full out assault on the President and the people before November.

As the Durham investigation is ramping up, the pandemic provided an excuse to delay adhering to court-ordered subpoenas and testifying. In the words of James Clapper, "I'd be happy to testify after I've been vaccinated for COVID-19". Of course, who knows when a vaccine is actually going to be found. Maybe after the election? in their hopes, Joe Biden wins and this all goes away.

The 2020 election is the most important election in history. Both for the people and for the globalists. Know the truth. Watch this video.

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