• Nicholas Mazza

The Clinton's and The Chinese Pay for Play

China has been the real enemy for the United States for decades. Thanks to the Trump administration the sheer war the Chinese Communist Party has waged war on the United States is brought to light. A theme that has been prevalent throughout the past three and a half years of this presidency is the dark aspects of our government brought to light. One being the exorbitant amount of tax dollars the United States taxpayer has sent over to useless organizations and foreign policy “objectives” our leaders ensure is for the good of the world.

The most corrupt administration ever was the Clinton Administration. President Clinton propped up the Chinese Communist regime to eventual world power mainly through wiping out the American industrial/manufacturing sectors and eventually allowing the Chinese to undercut us. Huge box stores like Walmart were forced to sell made in China materials. The slow decay of factories in America sped up the deep state objective, weaken the greatest country on earth – The United States of America.

This is obvious in other aspects of American life, recently the NBA is center stage in bowing to the Chinese regime. A recent video emerged showing the NBA not allowing a customized jersey proclaiming freedom for Hong Kong but allowing kill cops to be printed. The theme here is clear, the Chinese have been playing a slow game to become the world superpower. The ironic aspect of this cold war we are in is that it was accelerated by the guidance of American corrupt officials. The question is why, how, and what is to be gained? The answer is simple, power, and control. The centerpiece of the deep state and by association most democratic politicians in power. Through the next few weeks, Patriots Pundit will be posting various stories of how the Chinese leveraged and eventual bought off our “leaders.”

In 1996 The Clinton Administration was caught in a major violation of campaign finance regulations in which the Clinton Administration took money from foreign governments as well as military establishments around the globe. If this sounds familiar to the games Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played, it was another Clinton pay for play scheme. An unclassified US Senate Committee on Government Affairs report issued in 1998 explaining both James Riady and his father Mochtar had a history and strong ties to Chinese Intelligence. Bring in an individual named John Huang, along with the Clintons and Riadys, had deep ties since the Clinton's early days in Arkansas back in the 1970s.

Huang through the rise of Bill Clinton's political career through Governor and his 1992 run for President, became a key fundraiser. Through wires facilitated by third party groups such as Lippo Group were then dispersed and eventually reimbursed back to the men. Enter Ng Lap Seng, one of the world's wealthiest people through real estate development in Macau. Leaked documents also showed he was among the offshore owners. Ng was on very cordial terms with Clinton, coming to the White House ten times between 1994-1996. He eventually began using a proxy to donate large sums of money (1 million) to the DNC and to the Clinton Gore campaign, well above any allowable FEC amounts. His proxy was arrested, but he escaped without charges.

Through the rest of the administration, Huang and Riady visited the White House more than 100 times combined. Huang eventually landed a job working in the Clintons Commerce Department as deputy assistant for international economic affairs. This allowed him classified intelligence on China. Like Nixon, why would the government want to investigate itself anyway, and in this case, especially with a Democrat in Power? The double standard is clear and the media along with Hollywood and athletes are all bought off by the corrupt Chinese. So let’s give them classified and leaked classified intelligence?

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