• Nicholas Mazza

Project Veritas Video Exposes Colorado Democrat Staffer Admitting to Democrat Violent Revolution

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Project Veritas on Tuesday released another undercover video bombshell.

A Denver area Democrat staffer and chairman of non-profit “Our Revolution” Kristopher Jacks was caught on video admitting 2020 is a political revolution and the Democrats will do anything to seize power.

The Democrats “want to change this country with violence…there’s only one way to do it,” he said. “Guillotines motherf*cker — killing random Nazis in the street.”

“Joe Biden is presumably left-leaning and he’s got a functioning signing hand,” he said. “I do think there needs to be a militant group and I live Antifa for that reason.”

Kristopher Jacks panicked and locked his Twitter account after Project Veritas released the shock video of him admitting the left is planning a violent revolution.

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