• Nicholas Mazza

President Trump Hosts "BLEXIT Back the Blue" Event at White House

On Saturday, President Trump hosted his first event since being diagnosed with the China virus. As President Trump is successfully recovering from the virus, he attends to be back on the campaign trail.

In the event that was organized by Candace Owen's BLEXIT foundation, a group that urges black Americans's to abandon and reject the Democrat party, President Donald Trump praised support for law enforcement officers.

“I’m honored to welcome, we call this, a ‘peaceful protest’ to the White House in support of the incredible men and women of law enforcement and all of the people that work so well with us,” he said.

“I want to thank our law enforcement and I want to thank everybody in the community and the community drives for working with our law enforcement. I want to thank them,” he added.

Trump walked on the Blue Room balcony wearing a mask and delivered his address on his support for law enforcement.

Thousands of Trump's enthusiastic supporters from the BLEXIT movement attended the event after they rallied in support of the police in a “BLEXIT Back the Blue” event held on the Ellipse between the White House and the Washington Monument.

Yolanda de la Torre, an attendant from California, told reporters that she feels the event was like a “celebration.”

“We heard that we’re gonna be out here to back the blue and our family is very pro-police officer, law enforcement, law and order. So we had to come out here and do our part,” she said.

“It felt a little bit like a celebration to me,” she added.

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