• Nicholas Mazza

Latinos for Trump have Massive Caravan Rally In Miami

Miami-Dade county is one of the bluest, most liberal counties in the country. In 2016 Hillary beat Trump by 30 points, even though she lost the state. In 2020, however, the country is looking less blue than four years ago with Joe only up 17% on Trump in Miami-Dade.

From Tampa Bay Times:

“If you’re the Biden campaign, looking at these numbers, I think there’s reason for pause,” said Fernand Amandi, the Miami-based pollster and Democratic strategist behind the poll. “If Biden under-performs in what should be one of his strongest counties — and is certainly the largest county for Democratic votes in the state of Florida — it might imperil his chances of winning Florida unless there is a massive white voter exodus from Trump in other parts of the state.”
But the poll found the former vice president splitting Hispanic voters with Trump, with Trump at 47 percent and Biden at 46 percent. Those numbers — based on smaller polling subsets with larger margins of error — are driven by Trump’s increased support among conservative leaning Cuban-Americans, who supported Trump over Biden in the poll by a crushing 38 points. Just eight years ago, those voters roughly split their votes between Republican nominee Mitt Romney and former President Barack Obama. “Democrats are potentially leaving Cuban votes on the table that they won in the past, which could very well make a difference in a state as tight as Florida,” said Amandi, whose firm produced Spanish-language ads for the 2012 Obama campaign. The poll comes as Trump and Biden head into the final stretch to win Florida, where most public statewide polls show Biden with a small lead.
Latino voters have emerged as a key swing voting bloc in recent elections. Two years ago, margins among Puerto Ricans in Central Florida and Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade helped swing razor-tight elections in favor of Republicans in races for governor and U.S. Senate. Since then, several polls have found the Democratic nominee struggling to match Clinton’s 2016 numbers among Florida Latinos. A poll of 1,000 Florida Hispanic voters released last week by the Democratic Latino research firm Equis Research showed Biden with a 16-point lead statewide among registered Hispanic voters. Exit polls from 2016 found that Clinton won Florida Hispanics by 27 points.
Trump’s gains among Miami-Dade’s Hispanic voters are due in large part to his success in winning over Cuban-Americans, who in 2016 remained somewhat leery of him following his primary defeat of Miami’s Cuban-American U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio. Since becoming president, Trump has paid several visits to Miami to talk about socialism, including his 2017 trip to Little Havana to sign a presidential memo toughening the federal government’s stance on Cuba’s communist government. He also chose Miami for the launch of his Latinos for Trump campaign coalition, featuring Florida’s Cuban-American Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez as co-chairwoman.

In Miami, on Sunday, a large caravan rally took place started by Latino's for Trump voters. This is further proof that Trump's popularity among Hispanic-Americans is growing.

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