• Nicholas Mazza

Hunter's Business Partner Details Joe Biden's Involvement in Corrupt Foreign Deals

Tucker Carlson sat down to interview Tony Bubulinski, Hunter Biden's business partner, to discuss his experience doing business with the Biden family. He underscored Joe Biden's involvement, directly contradicting Joe Biden's claims that he had no part in his son, Hunters, business deals.

He discussed his meeting with Joe Biden with Jim and Hunter Biden present at the Beverly Hilton, in which they discussed doing business with a Chinese communist party linked business.

Tony asked Joe Biden's brother, Jim, how they can get away with this. He answered "plausible deniability"

The Biden family's representative told Tony when he said he was going to go public with this information "You are going to bury us all"

Robert Walker said the term "Chairman" in a text message with Tony refers to the Chinese government and Hunter Biden referred to his father as "My chairman" in Chinese business deals.

The Chinese sent money, to the sum of $10 million, to their bank account. $5 million were loaned to the Biden family while the other $5 million went to capital investment into Sinohawk holdings.

The facts are clear. Joe Biden is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

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