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How the "Maidan Massacre" is linked to the Deep State

With the President being acquitted by the Senate, despite Adam Schiff's desperate and pathetic plea to convict, the real corruption is being exposed right in front of us, no matter how much the Democrats try to cover it. After the made up Russia-collusion hoax failed, that was intended to discredit him as an illegitimate President and remove him for office, they almost immediately began with another conspiracy. This was said to be started by a supposed "Whistleblower" who is a CIA operative with close ties to Ukraine. Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats know exactly who it is but claim they don't, so they can legitimize his concerns. In reality, it was another example of collusion between the Democrats and unelected officials.

The good news is this whole ordeal has brought to light corruption involving Ukraine, even though it has been misdirected at President Trump, and the recent history of US political interests in the country. We already learned about the Biden's scandal with a corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma and the firing of a prosecutor, who was looking into the company, in exchange for $1 billion dollars in foreign aid. This quid pro quo has rocked Joe Biden's presidential campaign since voters have become increasingly concerned with his actions as Vice President. The Democrat's constant projection has caused a boomerang effect that is greatly damaging their party.

To understand why Ukraine is vital for the Deep State is to understand the objective of globalism. Whether it be NATO, the United Nations or the European Union, the progressive deterioration of sovereignty in order to form a more "unified world" has to be taken in steps over time. Countries that refuse to participate are considered the enemy and must be condemned. President Trump's criticism of these institutions in the way they are formed, mainly because of the cost for the United States, is the reason why he seems to be disliked by other foreign leaders.

An anti-corruption President who is critical of certain organizations that they need to control is not in their best interests. We witnessed this first hand after the 2016 election. As we now know the intelligence community, mainly the CIA and FBI, got caught trying to overthrow a duly elected President from office.

A great article from Western Journal, written by Dick Morris, summed up the reason why the Deep State panicked over Ukraine. The election of Donald Trump, then Zelensky of Ukraine, who was also critical of the EU and Viktor Orban of Hungry, who is an enemy of George Soros. All three are a threat to the globalists.

"When Volodymyr Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine earlier this year, Donald Trump and Viktor Orban (Prime Minister of Hungry) may have sensed a kindred spirit. When Zelensky said Ukraine wanted to build “a strong, powerful, free Ukraine, which is not the younger sister of Russia, which is not a corrupt partner of Europe, but our independent Ukraine,” the pro-EU deep state must have gotten worried. And with Trump meeting Orban who echoed his nationalist agenda, the word must have echoed in the halls of the State Department and the NSC: “Trump is loose!” No telling what he’ll do now. When Trump picked up the phone and called Zelensky without consulting the deep state, their fears crystallized. Searching for new grounds for impeachment, now that accusations of Russian collusion had gone up in flames, the deep state seized on the call as a trigger for a new impeachment probe"

On the days of February 18-20th, 2014 in Ukraine, in what is termed as the"Maidan massacre" named after the square in Kyiv, a massive protest broke out that lead to a killing of a hundred people. Although it was said to be the act by the government asserting its authority on the people, it was really a government overthrow. During this time period, an internal political struggle was happening between Pro-Russian and anti-Russian, pro-EU Ukrainians. A series of military actions took place involving protesters, riot police and unknown snipers from different buildings.

The unrest was sparked after former President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union and favored a friendlier relationship with Russia. This agreement would further move Ukraine into the EU, continuing to fulfill their desire of a globalist expansion. In the end, 100s of people died and Yanukovych was forced to flee his country. However, those snipers came from Maidan controlled locations, not government-controlled locations. Testimonies and documents given, including some of the snipers themselves, show that the massacre was a false flag operation.

An extensive study on the situation was conducted. The study consisted of "more than 350 hours of video recordings of the Maidan massacre trials and information concerning investigations of this massacre in over 2,000 official court decisions in Ukraine, media interviews of prosecutors, Maidan and Berkut lawyers, and Ukrainian media reports about these trials and investigations,

he study finds that the Maidan massacre investigations and trials revealed a variety of evidence, such as results of forensic examinations and testimonies of many wounded protesters, which shows that at least the absolute majority of the protesters were killed and wounded from Maidan-controlled locations and that the investigation and trials were, for this reason, stonewalled"

An excerpt from explains why the overthrow of the Ukrainian government occurred.

"A real coup under US/NATO direction was underway with the strategic aim of provoking a new cold war in Europe to strike and isolate Russia and at the same time strengthen the influence and military presence of the United States in Europe. Faced with the coup d’état and the offensive against the Russians of Ukraine, the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea – Russian territory that was given to Ukraine during the Soviet period in 1954 – voted to secede from Kyiv and requested to be re-connected to the Russian Federation, a decision that was confirmed with 97% of the votes in favor by a popular referendum. On March 18, 2014, President Putin signed the treaty for the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation with the status of an autonomous republic. At this point, Russia was accused by NATO and the EU of illegally annexing Crimea and was subjected to sanctions. Russia responded with counter-sanctions that mainly affected the economies of the EU, including the Italian economy"

The media's reporting was either due to a lack of investigative journalism or intentional misinformation. Given how we have been publicly witnessing the media cover-up for the Deep State's actions, one can see this is not a conspiracy.

Here is an excerpt from a Consortium news article about the New York Times reporting on the Ukrainian government overthrow and the Obama Administration's handling of the situation.

With Yanukovych shifting back toward Russia, which was offering a more generous $15 billion loan and discounted natural gas, he soon became the target of American neocons and the U.S. media, which portrayed Ukraine’s political unrest as a black-and-white case of a brutal and corrupt Yanukovych opposed by a saintly “pro-democracy” movement.

The Maidan uprising was urged on by American neocons, including Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who passed out cookies at the Maidan and told Ukrainian business leaders that the United States had invested $5 billion in their “European aspirations.”

More evidence comes from in an intercepted phone conversation between Former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. In this conversation, it is clear that the Obama Administration and NATO allies were working on inserting a government of their choosing.

Pyatt: I think we’re in play the Klitschko piece is obviously the complicated electron here. Especially the announcement of him as deputy prime minister and you’ve seen my notes on the trouble in the marriage right now so we’re trying to get a read really fast where he is on this stuff. But I think your argument to him which you’ll need to make, I think that’s the next phone call you want to set up is exactly the one you made to (nickname for Yatseniuk). And I’m glad you sort of put him on the spot on where he fits in this scenario. And I’m very glad that he said what he said in response.

Nuland: Good. I don’t think Klitsch should go into the government. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Pyatt: Yeah. I guess… in terms of him not going into the government let him stay out and do his political homework and stuff i”m just thinking in terms of sort of the process moving ahead we want to keep the moderate democrats together. The problem is going to be Tiahnybok and his guys and I’m sure that’s part of what Yanukovych is calculating on all this.

"$5 billion invested in Ukraine (ie regime change) to date"

Nuland: (Breaks in) I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience the governing experience he’s the… what he needs is Klitsch and Tiahnybok (Oleh, leader of a nationalist party who has been pushing confrontation with the Ukrainian government) on the outside he needs to be talking to them four times a week you know. I just think Klitch going in he’s going to be at that level working for Yatsinyuk it’s just not going to work.

Pyatt: Yeah, no, I think that’s right. Ok. Good. Do you want us to set up a call with him as the next step?

Nuland: My understanding from that call that you tell me was that the big three were going into their own meeting and that Yats was going to offer in that context a… three plus one conversation or three plus two with you. Is that not how you understood it?

Pyatt: No. I mean I think that’s what he proposed but I think just knowing the dynamic that’s been with them where Klitschko has been the top dog, he’s going to take a while to shop up for whatever meetings they’ve got and he’s probably talking to his guys at this point so I think you reaching out directly to him helps with the personality management among the three and it gives you also a chance to move fast on all this stuff and put us behind it before they all sit down and he explains why he doesn’t like it.

Nuland: Ok, good. I’m happy. why don’t you reach out to him and see if he wants to talk before or after.

Pyatt: Ok, will do. Thanks.

"A new low in Russian Tradecraft" State Dept spokeswoman Jan Paski 7 February 2014

Nuland: Ok... one more wrinkle for you Jeff. I can’t remember if I told you this or if I only told Washington this that when I talked to Jeff Feltman this morning he had a new name for the UN guy Robert Serry did I write you that this morning?

Pyatt: Yeah I saw that.

Nuland: Ok. He’s now gotten both Serry and Ban ki-Moon to agree that Serry could come in Monday or Tuesday. That would be great I think to help glue this thing and to have the UN help glue it and, you know, Fuck the EU.

Pyatt: No, exactly. And I think we’ve got to do something to make it stick together because you can be pretty sure that if it does start to gain altitude that the Russians will working behind the scenes to try to torpedo it. And again the fact that this is out there right now, I’m still trying to figure out in my mind why Yanukovych (garbled) that. In the meantime, there’s a Party of Regions faction meeting going on right now and I’m sure there’s a lively argument going on in that group at this point. But anyway we could land jelly side up on this one if we move fast. So let me work on Klitschko and if you can just keep… we want to try to get somebody with an international personality to come out here and help to midwife this thing. The other issue is some kind of outreach to Yanukovych but we probably regroup on that tomorrow as we see how things start to fall into place.

Nuland: So on that piece Jeff when I wrote the note Sullivan’s come back to me VFR saying you need Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta boy and to get the deets (details) to stick. So Biden’s willing.

Pyatt: Ok. Great. Thanks.

Former President Obama admitted, in an interview with CNN, that he "brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine"

The evidence is overwhelming but is covered up by the mainstream media, which is another wing of the deep state. The CIA, headed by John Brennan, was directly involved in organizing and funding those snipers that killed a hundred Ukrainians. All for the goal of advancing the globalist agenda.

In Oliver Stone's "Putin Interviews" the Russian President stated, regarding the situation in Ukraine:

"The CIA watched it [Ukraine] very closely. All you need is to look at how the events unfolded. After [then Ukrainian President Viktor] Yanukovych announced that he needed to postpone the signing of the economic association agreement with the European Union, nobody listened to why or for how long. Mass protests began at once," Putin said in an interview for Showtime's documentary series, the third part of which aired late Wednesday.

"For sure, Yanukovych had not ordered to use weapons against the [Maidan] demonstrators. For that matter, western partners, including the US, asked me to exert influence on him to prevent him from giving such orders. We have been told: 'we do ask you to prevent the use of armed forces by Yanukovych. In turn, we promise that we will exert maximum efforts to make the opposition leave the squares and administrative buildings,'" Putin said.

The Russian leader told Stone he had agreed with the soundness of the western proposal.

"And as you know, President Yanukovych had not used armed forces. But he had also said that he could not behave in other manner, because he did not have the heart to sign any order to use weapons [against protesters]. I think that there could be snipers [behind the killings during the riots], who could use them… Only people, interested in escalation of the situation. I do not have information about the specific names [of such people], but pure logic gives us a hint," the president added.

"Of course everything could be distorted by using a monopoly right on media and fooling millions of people, but I think that what happened is clear to an objective observer … a coup did take place," Putin noted.

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