• Nicholas Mazza

Breitbart Journalist John Nolte thinks Biden is Beating Trump; Here is why he is wrong

Breitbart's John Nolte wrote an op-ed this morning ridiculing the Trump re-election campaign while praising Joe Biden's "hide in the basement" strategy, calling it "rope a dope." Nolte pointed out that Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. He neglected to emphasize that the popular vote is flawed and does not reflect who the American people want to elect. Obviously, California and New York cannot alone elect every President. He knows this, but mentioned that President Trump "barely beat Hilary Clinton." Trump won every battleground state and broke the blue wall by winning traditionally Democrat states in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This ended in a landslide 306-227 victory. As Trump accurately said numerous times, the electoral map is an uphill climb for Republicans. This especially true in congressional races. The Obama administration made many of those same battleground states, county lines reformed, and remapped. This made it much harder for Republicans by bleeding historical red counties with overwhelming blue counties. This drowned out red support within those counties.

Nolte claimed that if the election were held today it would be a " landslide rejection" of Trump. The President has a staggering record in his endorsements thus far. He does not see past the media's obvious accelerated attacks on Trump and lacks the faith that Americans can see through the Democrat's tactics to destroy him before the 2020 election. He also doesn't believe that the American voter, who has been inundated with political hoaxes for four years, will reject the corrupt establishment as they did in 2016. The Democrat party has shifted further and further left and is on the brink of communism. America, being traditionally a center-right country, will not fall for the radical left agenda.

Nolte made the point that George W. Bush won by "staying on point". What point was he referring to? He lead us to one of the worse and unpopular wars in American history. A war that Trump has to fight both parties to get us out of. A war that had Deep state hands all over it. A war that was filled with heroin production/running, loss of oil fields, and above all American service members lost. A war that, with the help of Obama and BIDEN, further destabilized the middle east and created ISIS caliphate, which Trump destroyed completely. Americans know that Trump is working to get us out of that very unpopular war, of which his opponent helped make worse.

Trump is facing a different battle then either Bush or Obama faced in their re-election campaigns. The media is much worse towards Trump than Bush. He now has to not only handle a deep state created pandemic but also race riots that are burning down cities, murdering people in cold blood on the street, and now threatening to topple out historic statues.

Nolte's complaints about him tweeting what is on his mind is not a losing strategy. It wasn't in 2016 and is not in 2020. Political pundits said his tweets would be his downfall and it was the opposite. They finally had someone in politics that is honest and says what he thinks. He gives more information to the American people than the media could ever give. He has exposed corruption, made Americans do more research into topics that they never even heard about, and got more people involved in politics.

When Trump talks about the silent majority, he is talking about millions of enthusiastic voters that want one thing more than anything else and that is to "drain the swamp" That swamp includes a corrupt, slow, old, non-enthusiastic, creepy creature called Joe Biden. His 'hide in the basement' strategy cannot carry into November. He has to come out and convince the American people why his socialist, far-left policies are better than what the president has proven to be successful. Nolte minimized the importance of the debates and called Joe a great debater. This is a laughable statement as he was terrible during the primary debates. It first started all the way back in 2012 when Paul Ryan had a vice presidential debate with Biden with Ryan being the clear winner. In the 2020 primaries, he constantly stumbled, didn't have a straight answer, reluctantly would raise his hand when asked if he supports Medicare for all, by looking to see if the other candidates would raise theirs.

On the other hand, Trump's energetic nature and being able to easily articulate his points will expose Joe Biden even further as someone who cannot be President. The Trump campaign will run devastating ads, attacking him on all fronts. One major weakness for Biden is his corrupt dealing with China, at a time when China is heavily in the news and Americans agree that they are our biggest enemy.

John Nolte is a great and respected journalist but is wrong about Joe Biden's 'rope a dope' strategy working for him all the way to the election. He is being too influenced by the flawed polling and ignoring the fact that Biden has an awful ground game. In fact, he hasn't even completed building his campaign team yet in the major battleground states, which is not a good sign for him as Trump has had an unstoppable ground game for two years. Trump even has a very popular enthusiastic supporter, named Scott Presler, who doesn't work for his team, registering Republican voters all over the country.

Despite the fake polls, media attacks, deep state tactics, President Trump is in a great position to win re-election.

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