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Body Language Expert Concludes Biden Was Using a Communication Device in First Debate[Video]

The Body Language expert Ghost analyzed President Trump, Joe Biden and Chris Wallace in the first Presidential debate of 2020. She started off with her analysis of moderator Chris Wallace. When the "moderator" Chris Wallace stated in the beginning that he did not share his questions with anyone the Ghost shared that he showed a lot of stress and he tightened indicating this may not be the case. 

When Biden spoke he stumbled and then his brain didn’t access anything but his hearing. 

From Gateway Pundit:

The Body Language Ghost said it didn’t prove that he had an earpiece but it sort of looked like it.  This was the first clue.  Next Biden closed his eyes and the looked up even though there was nothing in the air to look at.  At this point it was difficult to tell if it was part of the brain damage or whether he was listening to someone.He’s really confused there.  So we’ve got Trump talking.  Wallace is talking and Biden is trying to talk.  There he goes to the other tell.  What’s going on?  What do we see?  He’s looking straight ahead – what, what?  And he’s not looking at Wallace.  Because if he was referring to what Wallace was saying he’d look at Wallace.  What?  What?  But no, he’s responding to something else.  He’s not looking at Trump and responding.  He’s not looking at Wallace and responding.

We see no body tells that deliver the body in either direction to give attention to.  He’s staring straight ahead.  Not at the camera and you say ‘ah’ there’s another tell.  Someone else is in that conversation too.  It’s making it really hard for Biden.
And I think Trump’s a genius, he’s knows that if he keeps this kind of pressure on, it’s really hard to concentrate when you’ve got three other people talking at you.  Even two other people talking to you.  Trump and whoever’s in his ear.

Next the discussion went to Hunter Biden.  The Body Language Ghost shares that Biden’s response of denial indicates he was in on it too.

Then President Trump discusses the transition and the coup and Biden just looks down.  He doesn’t acknowledge Trump and he appears to be listening to the earpiece again.

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