• Nicholas Mazza

Black Trump Supporters School BLM Protesters [Video]

"How is Trump racist?"........"that's right you got nothing!"

Some black Trump supporters confronted a group of Black Lives Matter protesters. Of course, the BLMers scream Trump is racist all the time, but when asked "How is Trump racist" they can't provide an example.

This is just another example of misinformed liberals that believe everything they hear in the bias, anti-Trump media. Perhaps they really believe the things they hear from their Democrat superiors in the mainstream media and in Washington or they are just paid protesters. Whatever is the cause for their protesting and rioting, one thing is certain. They cannot answer the simple question "How is Trump racist?"

Despite the support of Black Lives Matter according to polls, Trump is gaining approval among the African-American community. Many blacks, especially those who live in inner cities, do not want to see the police defunded like BLM and the Democrats call for.

Expect a huge turnout of Black voters for Trump in the 2020 election.

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